The Leadership Years


3 Episode T.V. Documentary Series | Israel 2019 | 52 Min./Episode | HD PAL | Hebrew | English Subs

Israel’s 6th Prime minister Menachem Begin led Israel for six dramatic and tumultuous years, which produced waves that are still felt deeply within the fabric of Israel’s social and political landscape. During Begin’s shortened one and a half terms of office, he faced a maelstrom of challenges and made a handful of fateful decisions that led to both creating peace and launching a hubristic war. 


By exploring these events, the series depicts a multi-faceted portrait of a man who held on to an unwavering ideology full of conflicts, as well as the cultural mosaic and fissured society that he sought to lead. The series merges rare archival footage shown for the first time, as well as current interviews held with key figures during Menachem Begin’s time as Prime Minister. 





Although he was often labeled as a “fascist”, “warmonger”, and “hawk” during nearly three decades in the governmental opposition, Menachem Begin remarkably led Israel to the historical peace treaty with Egypt in his first term of office.




Begin came from the political opposition to shatter the ruling hegemony. He raised the stature of marginalized groups by giving them more political power, which led to confrontations that would further polarize Israeli society.




Begin sought to make peace, which he indeed accomplished. But his fervent commitment to realize the biblical notion of the The Greater Israel brought him to drag Israel into a bloody, offensive war with Lebanon; a war that culminated in his resignation and declaration: “I can no longer fulfill this role.”

Unknown photographer, for the Executive Office of the President of the United States