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Israel 2022 | 52 min | Hebrew

Directed by Tuvia Hizkiyahu and Avishai Malson Tzaghon.

In July 2019, 17 years old Solomon Teka was shot to death by a police officer. The death of Solomon Teka led to many protests around Israel, gathering thousands of young Ethiopians demanding justice and demonstrating against racism and discrimination. Headed by the press and social media, the white Israeli society condemned those protests.

Solomon is the 13th victim of police brutality against the Ethiopian community, without any police officer being prosecuted.

SISTERS IN BLOOD is a film about three young women whose brothers lost their lives as a result of police brutality. 
Banchi Salamsa, sister of 18 years old Yosef Salamsa, who was found dead a few weeks after being arrested and badly beaten by 2 police officers in 2014.
Yemiker Terefe, sister of 16 years old Solomon Terefe, who was found dead in similar circumstances in 2014.

Yemisrach Teka, sister of 17 years old Solomon Teka, who was shot to death by an off-duty police officer in 2019.

The film explores the relationship between those women, their common struggle against institutional discrimination, and the way their everyday life is impacted by it.

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