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Israel 2022 | 52 min | Hebrew, English subs

Directed by Tuvia Hizkiyahu and Avishai Malson Tzaghon.

Between 1998 and 2019, 11 boys of Ethiopian descent were murdered and killed by police involvement. In none of the incidents was any police officer prosecuted. Demonstrations began a day after the murder of the late Solomon Taka, a 17-year-old boy of Ethiopian descent who lived in Kiryat Haim. The boy's killer is a police officer serving in the city. The demonstrations gave rise to thousands of Ethiopians Jews coming to demonstrations all over the country. Protests went out of control, major arteries across the country were blocked, roads were closed, and the State of Israel was at a stand still. The Israeli police were caught helpless and could not stand against the protesters, the media and the white Israeli public vented their anger for the protesters who interrupted the untroubled routine of their lives.

The story of the war of the common man against forces greater than himself and the demand for justice in a world where justice is only delivered for the powerful, brings the characters to a difficult, but commendable confrontation. Three sisters of the victims, Yami Taqa, Yamikar Prefa and Banchi Salamsa, go to war for life and justice. The three sisters are sisters united in blood, spilled for loss and injustice. They are leading a struggle against the establishment, the media, and Israeli society for the justice of their brothers and community.