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Israel 2020 | 65 min

Written and Directed by: Keren Alexander

Producers: Avishai Peretz, Levi Zini

Cinematography: Adi Mozes

Edited by: Keren Alexander, Yotam Sas

Sound Designers: Alex Claude, Daniel Meir

At the age of 80, Captain Meirson embarks on his last sail at open seas on his hand-made boat.

Surrounded by the breaking waves and sounds of depths, he refuses to accept what is more frightening than the winds - growing old.

 - CODA FOR A CAPTAIN is a poetic interpretation of “The old man and the sea”, which exposes the experience of loneliness and aging -

*a coda (Italian for "tail") is a concluding segment passage that brings a musical piece to an end.

Project status: Distribution

 !Israeli Premiere - Docaviv International Film Festival: 4th of September 2020