Israel 2020 | 65 min

Written and Directed by: Keren Alexander

Producers: Avishai Peretz, Levi Zini

Cinematography: Adi Mozes

Sound Designers: Alex Claude, Daniel Meir

Captain Meirson sets out on his final sail at the age of 81. Despite his age, he's admirably energetic and industrious and he operates his little boat skillfully and with love. But his body is starting to betray him - the long voyage to distant havens and the sudden winds are hard on him, raising the heavy anchor has become an almost impossible task. He breathes heavily, moves cautiously and begins to take in the realization that his body isn't what it used to be.

It becomes steadily clearer that there's no island he has yet to conquer, no one to say farewell to. He set out on his last voyage from the deep realization that this is the last flag he'll be raising on his mast. Now, for all he cares, let the propeller he's already fixed twice break down again, let the sail rip - these malfunctions don't bring him down; the repairs make him feel like there's nothing he can't overcome. These moments hold off the creeping old-age which will take him from the sea and from his beloved boat.

The protagonist's voyage is dependent on no place, time, or destination; his aim isn't to reach any particular place, and perhaps not even to return. He battles neither massive wave nor great whale; his battle is against the dilapidated body of the boat and his own unwillingly faltering body. This is an intimate, wordless travelogue which develops from the calm into a storm.

Project status: Post-Production