D.B.A; a Story of an Israeli Icon

Israel 2013 | 75 min. | Hebrew | Hebrew subtitles

Written and Directed by: Levi Zini

Producers: Yacov shem tov, Avishay Peretz, Levi Zini

Visual Research: Yael Biron

Graphic designer: Amir Avraham

Co-producer: Micky Laron

Editing: Taly Goldenberg

Cinematography: Amos Gueta

Original music: Rea Mochiach

Readings: Danny Geva

Sound: Chaim Meir

Dan Ben-Amotz was the epitome of “Israeliness”. He was a prolific and accomplished creator who constantly reinvented himself, while carrying an entire society, language, and culture that were not yet fully formed. In April 1989, just before undergoing an experimental treatment for cancer, Ben-Amotz held a “farewell party.

D.B.A returns to that mythological goodbye party to tell the story of an influential icon who has since been tossed, with his friends, into the dustbin of history.