Green dreams

Israel 2013 | 55 min. | Hebrew | English subtitles


Written and Directed by: Levi Zini

Producers: Levi Zini, Gil Edni

Screenplay: Gil Edni, Levi zini

Cinematography: Idan Glikzelig, Amos Gueta

Editing: Avishay Hanan, Eyal Tzarfati

Original Music: Issar Shulman

Research: Sahar Elimelech, Malu Zion

Sound: Dudu Darham, Haim Meir

Colorist: Aharon Peer

Sound Design: Yonatan Mulian

First, take children with a football magic touch and dreams of the sport's world of glory.

Then, mix them with adult committee-agents, coaches, family members... and get Green Dreams.

A documentary film tracking the commercialization produced by the early maturation of innocent childhood dreams.