Israel 2016 | 75 min. | Hebrew | Hebrew & English subtitles

Written and Directed by: Era Lapid, Haim Lapid

Producers:  Avishay Peretz, Levi Zini

Cinematography: Yoram Millo

Editor: Era Lapid

Sound Design: Ronen Nagel

The intolerable ease with which people can ruin a person’s life with a hasty accusation,

as well as the dilemmas this creates. Ramat Hasharon, 1992: A well-known

kindergarten teacher is accused of severely abusing the children in her care.

The accusers: the kindergarten teacher’s assistant and a one of the parents.

An ambitious police officer obtains incriminating testimony from the parents.

The kindergarten teacher is thrown into a detention cell with prostitutes and drug addicts.

Twenty-four years later, every morning the kindergarten teacher leaves her home,

which is next door to the kindergarten that is no longer under her supervision, wandering the streets with no hope.

Supported By: Keshet – Channel 2, Snunit Fund- The Second Authority for Television & Radio, The New Fund for Cinema and TV.