Once upon a time there was a king

Israel 2015 | 67 min. | Hebrew | English subtitles

Written and Directed by: Doron Djerassi

Producers:  Avishay Peretz, Levi Zini, Doron Djerassi

Editing: Doron Djerassi

Additional Editing: Tali Halter Shenkar, Miki Kohn Barlev, Nir Nahum

Animation: Ayala Sharot

Cinematography: Yaniv Linton

Art Director: Dorit Ben Shoshan

Research: Doron Djerassi

Visual Research: Yael Biron, Doron Djerassi

Soundtrack: Ronen Nagel

Music: Daniel Salomon

Nissim Aloni was a king of the Hebrew theater. The magical realm he created on stage brimmed with imagination and poetry, giving voice and vision to the loftiest dreams. But in a world dominated by a mundane, populist democracy and controlled by functionaries, Aloni found he was a king in exile, without a kingdom, without an audience, without critics, and without theater managers to share his whimsical dreams.

Supported By: Channel 8 Israel, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts