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Israel 2022 | 52/70 min | Hebrew/English | English subtitles

"He threw back the cape over his shoulders, spread his arms to the sides, and as he was touching the bodies hanging with his hands in black leather gloves, he growled, ‘Sabotage, sabotage! This is a crime against the Greater German Reich. This is an act of sabotage, and the punishment is death!"

Sabotage is a historical documentary unravelling the untold story the Jewish Women's Underground. 

On the 6th of January, 1945, twelve days before the prisoners of Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp were rushed to the death marches, four young Jewish women were brought to the gallows. Roza Robota (23), Esther Wajsblum (20), Regina Safirsztajn (33), and Ala Gartner (32) were mysteriously hanged in the symbol of Nazi justice.


Why did the Nazis bother to publicly execute these women? Why did they bother conducting such a strenuous investigation involving an undercover agent? All of this in a death camp, where prisoners were mass-murdered on a daily basis. 

Combining rare archives, testimonials and interviews, Sabotage investigates this enigma around the Jewish Women's underground operations, and uncovers the bravery and value of these four heroines.

Production Status: In Development.

Supported By: IPBC-Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation "Kan"