Ultra-Orthodox 3.0

Israel 2016 | 82 min. | Hebrew | English subtitles

Written and Directed by: Levi Zini

Producers:  Avishay Peretz, Levi Zini

Animation and Graphic Design: Sarial Keslasi

Cinematography: Idan Glikzelig

Stills Photography: Yaakov Lederman

Colorist: Aharon Peer

Soundtrack Design and Mixing: Yonatan Mulian

Experts predict that the Ultra-Orthodox community — which is religious, anti-Zionist and insular — will become the State of Israel’s largest sector within several decades. The documentary film "Ultra-Orthodox 3.0" brings us face-to-face with members of the community who waver between insularity and realizing that they may be the future leaders of the Zionist state.

The scene: Beit Shemesh, a city that is becoming ultra-Orthodox.

The time: The municipal council elections campaign.

The questions: What does the future hold for the third generation of ultra-Orthodox society, which puts a premium on religious study?

Supported By: Channel 8 Israel, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, The Avi Chai Foundation/Gesher Multicultural Film Fund & Media Collaborative